Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready... set.... GO!

I was wrong.  Yesterday was day one of this ten week journey to a ten miler, not Sunday.  So I was a day early! It's ok because I had class last night so badda bing badda boom... ready, set, GO!!!
  • Sunday (2/20/11): 2 mile treadmill run 
    • Location: YMCA
    • Time: 23 minutes
    • Notes: I wasn't feeling well at all thanks to a UTI (TMI??)
  • Monday (2/21/11): Nada because of class
  • Today (2/22/11): "Stretch and strengthen" which consisted of chest and back from P90X and some of the ab ripper routine 
    • Notes: I had to stop halfway through the ab ripper because I thought I was going to puke.  
I know I'm getting back into this running thing to I'm a-ok with my time from Sunday's run (PS, for your info, I'm a mere 5'3'' and a hundred something pounds - LOL, a girl never tells her weight!). 

...I digress...

On to Monday.... well, Monday was a breeze as there was no physical exertion...

That brings me to tonight, which was interesting as the chest and back routine is very intense with push-ups and pull-ups (thank you Tony Horton).  I decided that I am not going to document my strength training reps/weight for week one as I need to gradually ease back into it (including the use of resistance bands for the "back" exercises as opposed to pull-ups).  With that said, I am happy with my performance tonight, but I am certain that pain is in my near future....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank God for padded toilet seats

When I realized Monday that training starts this Sunday, I got scared.  Who am I kidding?!  I am NOT ready!  Here's why...

I started doing P90X November 8, 2010 and was LOVING it!  I was really noticing some definition, especially in my upper body (see my "after" shot below.... HAAAAHAHAHAH), and it just made me feel good (aside from some minor knee issues from the plyometrics workout).

 Then I got sick...what I thought was a little cough put me in the ER with a pulled muscle and on pneumonia meds for 20 days!  Thanks to my stubborn stupidity, I was forced to rest.   

Since I have "gotten better," all I have done physically was run once, if I'm lucky, twice/week (2-4 mile treadmill run) on the weekend.  Except this week, once I realized that I am NOT ready to start BSR training, I had the brilliant idea to try a couple of P90X workouts.  Last night, my workout of choice was legs & back and oh my word.  My glutes are so incredibly sore... so sore that I held my breathe, clung to the wall and cringed every time I had to get up or sit sown at work.  When I got home, I went right to our powder room to use the bathroom and oh what a glorious experience - we have a padded toilet seat in that particular bathroom.  Thank GOD for padded toilet seats!  I am REALLY scared now! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Third time's a charm... hopefully!

Alright, so I don't know what I was thinking but I registered for the 2011 Broad Street Run in Philly.  This will be my third year (hence the crafty title of this post) participating with my bff Megan (who is certainly more of a runner than I) but this year we have another friend joining us for ride, Bethany!  :)  The plan is to attempt using Hal Higdon's novice training program but this time I personally hope to incorporate some P90X strength training sessions into the 10 week program (reminder, I did say attempt!).  According to Hal's training sched, the girls and I should begin "training" (ah-hem) THIS SUNDAY, 2/20/11!  Eeeeeek!

PS-Why are Girl Scout cookies always on sale around the same time this starts up every year?!?  I just can't resist and that's why I gave all 8 or so boxes to my dad!