Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready... set.... GO!

I was wrong.  Yesterday was day one of this ten week journey to a ten miler, not Sunday.  So I was a day early! It's ok because I had class last night so badda bing badda boom... ready, set, GO!!!
  • Sunday (2/20/11): 2 mile treadmill run 
    • Location: YMCA
    • Time: 23 minutes
    • Notes: I wasn't feeling well at all thanks to a UTI (TMI??)
  • Monday (2/21/11): Nada because of class
  • Today (2/22/11): "Stretch and strengthen" which consisted of chest and back from P90X and some of the ab ripper routine 
    • Notes: I had to stop halfway through the ab ripper because I thought I was going to puke.  
I know I'm getting back into this running thing to I'm a-ok with my time from Sunday's run (PS, for your info, I'm a mere 5'3'' and a hundred something pounds - LOL, a girl never tells her weight!). 

...I digress...

On to Monday.... well, Monday was a breeze as there was no physical exertion...

That brings me to tonight, which was interesting as the chest and back routine is very intense with push-ups and pull-ups (thank you Tony Horton).  I decided that I am not going to document my strength training reps/weight for week one as I need to gradually ease back into it (including the use of resistance bands for the "back" exercises as opposed to pull-ups).  With that said, I am happy with my performance tonight, but I am certain that pain is in my near future....