Monday, March 7, 2011

We've gotta lotta catchin' up to do

It's been quite a while since my last post as life has been coming at me with haste!  It was a nice reminder that no matter how much of a planner you'd like to be, God has a plan of his own!  Needless so say, my little schedule wasn't as adhered to as I would have liked but it's ok.... that's life!

So, in a nutshell, here's the deal:

  • Wednesday (2/23/11): 30 minute X-training (I forget which machine I used!)
  • Thursday (2/24/11): Nada (God's plan was in full force...)
  • Friday (2/25/11): "Rest" (LOL I always do that well!) (God's plan was in full force...)
  • Saturday (2/26/11): Nada (God's plan was in full force...)
  • Sunday (2/27/11): Nada (God's plan was in full force...) 
  • Monday (2/28/11): I FINISHED GRAD SCHOOL (with a 4.0)!!! WOOHOO!
  • Tuesday (3/1/11): 3 mile treadmill run
    • Location: YMCA
    • Time: just over 33 minutes
    • Notes: Very hot in the Y
  • Wednesday (3/2/11): Nada
  • Thursday (3/3/11): 2 mile treadmill run
    • Location: YMCA
    • Time: just over 22 minutes
    • Notes: REALLY wasn't feeling the whole run ting so I started off really fast only giving myself a deep cramp at about .75 miles (nice); Slowed my pace which dropped my time back
  • Friday (3/4/11): "Rest"
  • Saturday (3/5/11): 3 mile outdoor run
    • Location: Glasgow 2.6 mile park
    • Time: 00:31:05 (CHEEEEAAAA BOIIIII!)
    • Notes: Met Megan at roughly 2:30PM; the day was overcast but a balmy 55-60ish degrees;  park was packed with children playing at the playground, families taking walks/running along the trail; started running along route 40 East did one lap then added .4mi to the end; sprinted last tenth of a mile; sat and caught breathe/stretched/fist pumped Megan for our great time! What a runner's high!
  • Sunday (3/6/11): 30 minute X-training - old school stairmaster (whoops my a$$ every time!)
  • Monday (3/7/11): shoulder & arms routine from P90X which always feels amazing!
Also I CANNOT forget to mention a few new things that I am enjoying/learning this year: Go with the flow (s**t happens sometimes so just roll with it); Preston & Steve podcasts really help me lose track of time (...although I always have great songs ready to go) - I'd really recommend looking into a podcast that features topics you might enjoy because there are a lot of free ones out there!; When you think you're giving it your all, dig down deep inside of your strong, motivated self to find that last drop - don't let your mind fool your body!